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You are entering a new market or industry

You have been blind-sided by loss of sales to a competitor

A competitor has introduced a new, unexpected product or service that you did not know your customers wanted

You are hearing conflicting viewpoints from staff

You have a marketing or strategy problem to solve and do not have enough information or insight

You have noticed possible signs of an opportunity, but are not sure if it makes sense for your company

You are wondering if your assumptions are still valid (about your industry, competitors, customers, products)


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Sonia N. Isotov, Principal

Isotov is a unique resource that executives call upon for all sorts of information-related projects. Once you get to know Sonia, you know she will meet your research, content, and administrative needs, no matter the project type.

With an record of excellence in business information gathering dating back to 1994, Isotov offers a broad base of industry knowledge combined with business development and counseling experience. In addition to an extensive research background, she is a "wiz" on the computer with a deep technical background designing all sorts of documents, databases, web sites, and indexes.

For over 20 years, Isotov served as the chief research librarian and library director for the U.S. Small Business Administration. Isotov has managed an Air Force Research Laboratory Library, a U.S. Census Data Center, and a U.S. Federal Depository Library regional site.

In her career, Isotov has responded to more than 20,000 requests for information from business consultants, government officials, academics, scientists, military, business owners and professionals. She has helped prepare business plans, marketing plans, economic reports, environmental impact statements, grant applications, and government proposals. She has lectured on business research, market research, information retrieval strategies, online database searching, Census data, library research, and business development.

Clients have included Scholastic Inc., Proquest, the County of Maui, the University of Hawaii, and numerous corporations and private individuals.

Her work has afforded her a deep knowledge of information sources, a broad network of professional contacts, and a thumb on the pulse of business, especially in the Hawaii Pacific region and Pacific Northwest. Isotov takes a special interest in business, education, tourism, energy, and science related projects.

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